The Odd Couple Quintet +1


“Original music and jazz arrangements of Mozart Horn Concerti with French Horn & Bassoon in the front line!”  “…As was alluded to earlier, it should be emphasized that the rhythm section, which by and large plays a supporting role, does so with authority and enthusiasm, giving Clark and Rabinowitz a wide and inflexible comfort zone. That underpinning is essential on every number, especially the slower middle movements of Concertos 3 and 4. In other words, the group dynamic is first-rate, and Clark and Co. have produced one of the more charming and memorable albums of the year.”

“Everything that this Quintet + 1 have to throw at these pieces shows them to their best advantage – fleet-footed blowing, tongue-in-groove intonation and ensemble, and a sense of momentum that always drives the music in the right direction.”

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